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React accordion component codesandbox

CodeSandbox React Angular Vue Web Components <Accordion> <AccordionItem title="Title 1"><p>The accordion component delivers large amounts of content in a small space through progressive disclosure.

1. An important part of what makes it slide is the transition implementation. .collapsing { transition: height .35s ease; } It may have been overridden by one of your custom style sheets. It is hard to root out the problem in dev tools because that class I've mentioned is actually removed & added on the actual transition process (in a matter of. .

The accordion has the state opened which is true if the accordion is expanded. It also has onClick method that toggles the state. If the accordion is opened it gets an extra class of accordion-item--opened. This makes the content visible with all the animations I discussed. class AccordionItem extends Component {state = {opened: false};.

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Let’s create a file for each component. First, delete all the files in the src folder and create a new index.js file to prevent a page break. Next, create a folder called components in src and add the following files: App.js, Accordion.js, AccordionItem.js, and Header.js. Inside App.js, add the following starting code:. Accordion Headings. With most accordion components, the AccordionPanel is treated as a semantic region of the document, similar to an HTML section or main tag. By default, we assign role="region" and to each AccordionPanel, along with aria-labelledby referencing the associated AccordionButton component.. To improve the semantics of the markup further, the ARIA.

Learn how to use react-hooks-accordion by viewing and forking react-hooks-accordion example apps on CodeSandbox.

I added an onClick handler to this button which I hooked up to the toggleAccordion function we created in Level 1. I added the rotate state variable to the classNames for my chevron icon. These are the Tailwind classes that rotates the icon depending on the active state of the accordion. import React, { useRef, useState } from 'react' import.

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